Dual Angle Layouts – Introduction

Pin to PAP

The Pin to PAP distance (or Pin Length, Pin Distance, or simply, Pin) dictates how much flare the ball will have as it travels down the lane. The more the ball flares, the more fresh parts of the surface contacts the lane, the more the ball ultimately hooks.

Flare potential, or how much built in flare the ball is capable of, is dictated by the Total Differential of the undrilled ball. The higher the total differential (up to 0.060″ as set by the USBC), the higher the flare potential. The lower the total differential, the lower the flare potential.

The Pin distance determines how much of that flare potential we use. We may use pin distances ranging from 3/4″ to 6″, with maximum flare being attained with a pin distance of 3-3/8″.

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