Dual Angle Layouts – Introduction

This article is intended to be the first of a series of articles that explain in as much detail as possible, how the Dual Angle Layout Technique works and how you can start to apply it to your game – or at least help you to better understand the why’s and how’s of the layouts you might have on your equipment.

Immigration proceedings and Parkersburg,WV!

Okay, so I recently received a “Notice of Action” from the USCIS informing me that was required to travel to Charleston, WV for “biometrics” appointment on Thursday, June 3, 2010. What’s a biometrics appointment? In a nutshell, it’s a finger print and mug shot. LOL! I was asked countless times why I couldn’t have done that at the local sheriff’s office. Basically, I had to have an official USCIS Officer/worker there to take the details. As you can imagine, there are many thousands of people doing exactly what I’m doing here in the US. I would be a logistical nightmare to manage all those people if they just went to their local sheriff’s office to get their biometric information taken. It just easier, for them at least, if they have offices located throughout the country and have people travel to the locations, rather than sending official workers to the applicants.

Newport, KY and Mo Pinel

Okay, so just a week or so ago, I blogged about my itinerary for the upcoming month. Well, yesterday being my birthday, we made the trip up to Newport, KY. After getting quite a late night trying to get some last minute work out of the way before we left, we were up at 7am to get out the door by 8am. For once, we got out of the house on time but we had to stop to get some stuff for the trip. Three and a half hours is a long way to go with a 20 month old in the back with no snacks or anything to drink. We finally got out on the road by about 8.20am. Not bad at all!

Fugate’s In-house Handicap Tournament

Tonight was the teams night for the in-house tournament at Fugate’s. I didn’t actually have a team organized for the night, but I had to be over there anyway, seeing as I’m the lane guy at the moment. So, I hauled my ass over there and got 16 lanes ready. I figured we’d probably need about 6 to 8 lanes for the tournament. Boy, was I wrong! We had three teams, total! Including the make up team I was in with a couple of guys that showed up to see if anyone needed a team!

Bring on March!

Okay, so March is already here. Sue me! 😛

This month will prove to be a rather busy one for me. This month I turn 30, I have to submit my application the United States Citizen and Immigration Service (USCIS) to have the conditional status removed from my Permanent Residence Visa, I will travelling to Newport, KY for a bowling lesson and I will competing in an in-house bowling tournament. YAY MARCH!

First 600 of the season

It’s taken me 14 weeks of league, but I FINALLY broke the 600 mark! I finished the night with a 634, which seems to about where I tend to finish if I bowl 600’s.  Weird.

So I started the night with my Twisted Fury, shooting 10 and 5 and standing on 20, making my lay down about 15.  In plain english, I was standing on the big dot in the middle on the approach which is board 20, aiming at the second arrow on the lane, which is board 10 from the right gutter, wanting the ball to get out to about the first arrow, which is board 5, at the end of the pattern and laying the ball down on the floor at about board 15, which is the third arrow on the floor.

Christmas Eve No Tap Tournament

Okay, almost. The tournament was actually on December 23, but what was I gonna say? Christmas Eve Eve No Tap Tournament? I didn’t think so…

Anyway, we held a no tap tournament at Fugate’s Bowl-a-rama. We didn’t get quite the same turn out as the Thanksgiving day Tournament, but it was a still a good turn out. I think we ended up with about 22 people. That’s more than enough to run a tournament. You can view my Thanksgiving day tournament post for more information about no tap.

Bowling 101 – Don’t miss easy spares

These past 3 months of league have been trying to say the least. I’ve been struggling to put games together, I’ve been struggling to find consistency with my release and I’ve been struggling to consistently shoot spares. Now, I know a good portion of the difficulties have come from the number of changes I made to my game in such a short amount of time. To name a few, in no particular order:

  • I’ve increased the height of my backswing, bringing the ball past 120° sometimes (assuming 0° is arm at your side). Most of the PBA Power Players, bring their arm to at least 110°. Some go almost 180°.
  • I’ve increased the number of revolutions I put on the ball. This is both a positive and a negative, at least at Fugate’s. The upside is, I can play deeper (further to the left) and be confident that my ball will make the turn back to the pocket. The downside is, if I get in to the friction zone too early, the ball takes off to the left, often with bad results.
  • I’ve changed the timing of my footwork. A result of the higher backswing, this is definitely a bad thing. I have discovered recently that my timing is a little late. This means my feet get to the line before the ball does. The outcome of this is often twofold: Loss of leverage (less revolutions) and loss of accuracy, with a tendency to pull the ball to the left.
  • I’ve open my shoulders and my hips through the approach. This is a product of the higher backswing and is actually partially responsible for the higher backswing. This just makes it easier to play deeper on the lanes and feed the ball to the right.

How to destroy a game in four frames…

Last night, we bowled in our regular Sunday League trio. Earlier that night, I had stripped and oiled the lanes, and bowled a couple of  practice games. The practice games went well. I threw something like 6 in a row in my first one, so I knew I had a good line and good ball to match up on the lanes. It turns out, I’ve had that ball since I first started bowling, I just didn’t know it was the right ball. With all the extra revs and power I’ve picked up over the last year, what was once a ball that skidded to far is now the best ball in my arsenal. At least at Fugate’s. Go figure.

On to league play…

Thanksgiving Tournament at Fugate’s

This Thanksgiving, we held a No-Tap tournament at Fugate’s Bowl-a-rama. This comes less than a week after the passing of Fred Fugate, the owner and proprietor of the Bowling center. It was hard to really get motivated to work on the lanes, knowing that Fred wouldn’t be there and that he had buried just 4 days before.