End of the League season

This season, being my first season ever, has been full of ups and downs, as you might expect. I think I’ve thrown a late 300 series, a mid 700 series and everything in between. I’m beginning to really understand the fundamentals of the game and realise I need a lot more practice before I should consider bowling in tournaments, other than local, low entry cost tournaments. My long term goal is to qualify for PBA membership and ultimately bowling on the Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour full time.

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Lilyana… She’s a growing!!!

I can’t believe its been almost nine months since Lilyana was born. She’s growing up so quickly. She’s started crawling, she’s eating solids, she’s starting to vocalise a whole lot more. Her personality is really starting to form and at the moment, it’s looking like the apple has not fallen far from tree, either one of them!

Hard times and the economy

The last few months have really taken its toll on us financially. Since moving to the US, we’ve not been in the financial position to get our own place. This is quite a depressing thought. Jennifer and I have been married for 19 months and we haven’t lived on our own the entire time. In New Zealand, we were in a flatting situation because we were trying to save for the move back to the US. Since arriving in the US, we’ve lived with either Bill or Cindy simply because we don’t have the financial security to do so.