End of the League season

This season, being my first season ever, has been full of ups and downs, as you might expect. I think I’ve thrown a late 300 series, a mid 700 series and everything in between. I’m beginning to really understand the fundamentals of the game and realise I need a lot more practice before I should consider bowling in tournaments, other than local, low entry cost tournaments. My long term goal is to qualify for PBA membership and ultimately bowling on the Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour full time.

With summer fast approaching, I know I have about four months or so to practice the little things and straighten out a lot of the kinks in my game. I am getting better at shooting spares, but I still miss at least one simple leave per game, which seriously limits my scores. I think I’m shooting spares at about 70%, but I’m shooting splits at less than 10% I think.

Over the summer I will be looking in to getting new equipment and fine tuning the fit of my spare ball. At the moment, I’ve got my sights set on either a Brunswick Wild Ride or a Columbia 300 Power Swing. I recently ordered a pair of Dexter SST 8’s, which feature a unique 100% interchangeable sole construction, meaning the soles on both feet are customizable, allowing the me to get the perfect amount of slide and heel traction to provide the perfect amount of leverage at the release point.  I am yet to try these out, but I will definitely fill you in once I have given them a whirl.

I will be getting coaching over the summer as well to help fine tune my release, my approach and all the little things in between. At this point, I’m uncertain as to how often we’ll be going over to the center where the coach lives (about 90 minutes drive from here), but we definitely plan to get over there at least once a month.  Hopefully, we’ll manage to make the trip every two weeks or so.

I’m happy with my progress this year.  I will finish the season with close to a 180 average, a handful of 600 series and 700 series, all in my first season. Things can only get better here, right?

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