What a weekend…

Jennifer told me to head back in and she would follow shortly with the kids. While we were inside, we got a call from Jennifer’s Aunt Marilyn telling us her boyfriend, Johnny was on his way with a trailer to haul the car back to Hazard. What’s more, since he was driving a large truck, there was a good chance we might be able to ride back to Hazard with him! FINALLY! Some good news!

So, I finished up the clinic and as we were doing so, Marilyn called again to tell us Johnny was on the road and would be there as soon as he could. Knowing it was going to be at least 3 hours before he got to Walton, we decided we would bowl a few games and head out from Newport at about 6.30pm. This gave Jennifer a chance to try out her new ball and work on a few things while she was at it.

At 6.30, we left the bowling center. We got to Walton at about 7pm to see Johnny sitting in the car park already! LOL! We loaded up the car and decided to get a little something to eat before we got on the road again.

We had organized with Jaime to get her and her eldest son, Christopher, to bring the rental car back to Florence for us. We stopped at Jaime’s to get the gear we had left there and drop the rental to her. On our way to do that, Lilyana had decided she didn’t like the seat belt and climbed out of it, only to fly into the back of my seat when we had to stop really quickly. Basically, from there until we got home, the trip was smooth sailing. Lilyana forced us to stop a couple of times, because she just kept screaming, but there were no more incidents. No more dramas. No more torture! LOL!

This weekend has been a lesson in patience, communication and coping on the fly. If we never go through ANYTHING like this again, we’ll be forever grateful!!!

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