What a weekend…

While I was inside the bowling center, Jennifer stepped out of the car to make a phone call to her aunt with the keys in the car, car running and both kids still in the car. No sooner had she stepped out of the car, Lilyana pulled the door closed behind her and locked the door! LOL! She managed to lock herself in the car. At least the car was running and the A/C was on, because it had to be AT LEAST 90°F outside.

As it turned out, some 10 minutes later, we broke for lunch in the clinic and I noticed Jennifer hadn’t come in yet so went to see what was going on to find an annoyed and slightly panicked wife trying to figure out how to get Lilyana to open the car door.

We tried getting her to push the “Unlock” buttons on the doors and the car keys. We tried to get her to pull the locks up herself. We tried to get her to push the “Open Trunk” button in the hopes that we might be able to get in the car that way. In all our attempts, Lily would just fondle the button, or press beside it or above the buttons, while intermittently taking a bite of her McD’s Hashbrown! Every now and then she would start laughing, until she realized we were getting mad then she started crying! Finally, after almost 15 minutes of trying, we were just about ready to call the Police to come help and we heard the locks pop! Lilyana finally decided to pull the lock up properly. I reached in and pulled Lilyana out of the car, gave her a big hug and a kiss because she locked terrified! LOL! Thankfully, Hayden had just been fed before all of this went down, so she blissfully snoozed through the whole incident! HAHA! We quickly pulled the keys out so this whole scenario wouldn’t be repeated.

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