What a weekend…

Once again, we didn’t sleep to well got up at 7am and headed out the door. Unfortunately, even though we got out of Jaime’s at about 8.30am, we stopped to get some breakfast and it was so packed we decided to try somewhere else. By the time we’d got breakfast and fueled up, it was now 9am and we were still in Lexington! LOL! LATE AGAIN! We called the towing company in Hazard and due to family tragedy, they were no longer able to come get our car for us. So we made a few more calls and began trying to organize a way to get the car to Jaime’s house, at least.

After an hours driving and just 15-20 minutes out from Newport, traffic came to a grinding halt. We thought there was a wreck ahead, but it turns out there was scheduled road work going on and since we weren’t local, we knew nothing about it!

We sat in gridlock for almost 90 minutes and decided to take the next exit when it came up and figure out how to get there using Google Maps on my phone. We got a little lost to start with, but soon figured out where we had to go and 20 minutes later were once again at the bowling center… this time, two hours late. Once again, Jennifer told me to head on in and make the most of the session. We both said “Well, unless we get run over, or someone hits us, it can’t get any worse”. Yeah, we were wrong!

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