What a weekend…

After a quick stop at our car to get the rest of our stuff, we headed for Newport and FINALLY got in at about 12.30pm. Almost three hours behind schedule! LOL! As soon as we put the car in park, Lilyana proceeded to vomit on herself! LOL! We quickly cleaned her up and changed both girls diapers. Jennifer told me to head on in and make the most of the rest of the day’s session, while she proceeded to the local shops to buy clean clothes for Lily (you’d think we’d remember to bring an extra set, since she vomits on herself every other trip, pretty much).

I headed in and after a quick chat with Rick and Josh Hitt, the people running the clinic, I got myself situated and got to bowling. FINALLY!!

After the days session, we packed up the kids and headed back to Richmond. We were originally planning on staying in Newport, but given the unexpected costs, we had decided it would be best to drive back to Richmond and come back the following day.

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