What a weekend…

We managed to get on the road by 8.15am. We were making GREAT time and were gonna get there pretty much on time for the clinic. At about 40 miles out from Newport, an alert light came on in the car saying we were losing oil pressure. So, we pulled off the Interstate, let the car cool down some and put a quart of oil in the car. After a 15 minute stop, we decided to get back on the road.

After any 8 miles or so, we started to notice a loud whirring noise and it sounded like that car needed to shift into another gear and couldn’t. So, once again, we decided to pull off the Interstate and let the car rest, in Walton, KY. The second we stopped at the top of the off ramp, the whirring became a loud knocking noise and we knew we were in trouble.

Fortunately, there was a gas station just a couple hundred feet away, so we crawled there parked the car and proceeded to panic for a few minutes! LOL!

After a little discussion, we decided we would rent a car and continue to Newport. We were only 20 minutes or so away, so we might as well make the most of it and we’d figure out what to do with the car later on in the day. After a few phone calls, we had organized someone from Hazard to come and tow the car back to Hazard the following day and had someone from Enterprise Car Rentals come and pick us up. We packed the kids in the back of the car and climbed in. 10 minutes down the road, we reached the office, where Jennifer’s flip-flops broke as she climbed out of the car. We quickly got through all the paper work, signed the contract and were on our way again.

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