What a weekend…

I finished up bowling at around 10.40pm. After packing up my bag and freshening up a little, I realized I didn’t know Jaime’s mobile number (or her house number for that matter) off the top of my head and the center wouldn’t allow me to call my mobile since it was an out of town number. So, I walked down the road to a local gas station and asked to use the phone and tried to call Jennifer on the mobile. I tried calling twice and got the answering service both times. I quickly said thank you and went back to the bowling center.

I asked for a phone book, looked up Jaime’s home number and proceeded to call it. No answer. By now, it was about 11pm. I decided to sit outside for a little bit in the hopes that Jennifer would see the missed call and come down. After sitting out there for some 30 minutes, I went back in and tried to call Jaime’s house number again and got the same result.

It was now 11.45pm, so I called a cab to take me back to Jaime’s house. After a 10 minute wait the cab arrived, I got in and told him where to go. We got about 2 or 3 miles down the road and I saw Jennifer drive past! LOL! I asked the driver to turn around and follow her. He offered me his phone so I could call her and tell her we were behind her. We pulled into a local shopping center car park and I got out. That short trip cost me $20!!! LOL!

We ran a couple quick errands (I’d forgotten to pack diapers, formula and water for Hayden) and headed back to Jaime’s. By the time we got to sleep it was almost 2am and we had to be up at around 7am to be out the door by about 8am so we could get to Newport by 10am.

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