Dealing with older browsers

After working in the web development industry for the last 6 years or so, dealing with older browsers that lack decent support for CSS and Javascript is something I face and deal with on a near-daily basis. Why near-daily? Well, I do a lot of Server side development which tends to be browser agnostic. Dealing… Continue reading Dealing with older browsers

The mechanics of a good arm swing

A few weeks ago, Jennifer started giving me grief about my arm swing, because at the top of the swing my hand turns completely out, meaning my palm is perpendicular to the floor.  Now, I don’t know when this started, but I know it’s a result my trying to learn the more dynamic release that… Continue reading The mechanics of a good arm swing

Tornado warning!

Tonight at about 7.30pm EDT a storm warning came across the TV newscast. This storm warning was soon upgraded to a tornado warning. As it turns out, we were right in the path of a massive storm cell and it was coming straight for us!  They showed pressure maps on the news to show the intensity… Continue reading Tornado warning!

It’s been a year already…

Midday yesterday marked the anniversary of our arrival here in KY and what an eventful year its been. I’ve been through several contracts.  Some lucrative, some not so lucrative. My first child (hopefully not the last) was born. Our car has broken down a half dozen times, as well as a computer crapping out completely.