Dealing with older browsers

After working in the web development industry for the last 6 years or so, dealing with older browsers that lack decent support for CSS and Javascript is something I face and deal with on a near-daily basis. Why near-daily? Well, I do a lot of Server side development which tends to be browser agnostic.

Dealing with older browsers is a problem that MUST be solved, or handled, one way or the other. Some solutions are more involved than others and some solutions will not be accessible under certain situations. One option that I think gets ignored all too often, is the possibility that older browsers simply get a different experience, visually and behaviorally.

Summer League: May 21 2009

This week was about the same as the three that came before it for me. I am still yet to break the 600 barrier, which is REALLY frustrating, because I’m not far off of it.  In fact it’s been a matter of just a single missed spare in one or two games.  This week it was a matter of three missed spares in the last game.  But, I digress.

Lily’s first steps

At the grand old age of 47 weeks, 2 day, 2 hours and some 17 minutes or so (ie. at about 4.29pm, May 19, 2009) Lilyana took her first unaided steps. We’ve been waiting for her to take her first steps for a few months now, because she’s been able to pull herself up on stuff and walk around leaning on stuff for about 2 or 3 months.

We were just sitting down in the lounge, eating when Cindy decided to put her on the floor about 2 feet from the coffee table and where she would usually just sit down and crawl to the table, she took the 4 steps required to reach the table instead. I’ve got to say it kinda took us by surprise, so we made her do it again to make sure it wasn’t a fluke. Needless to say, it wasn’t and she repeated the feat with ease.  I guess it’s time to start putting everything that can be reached by a 2’7″ toddler up out of reach.

The mechanics of a good arm swing

A few weeks ago, Jennifer started giving me grief about my arm swing, because at the top of the swing my hand turns completely out, meaning my palm is perpendicular to the floor.  Now, I don’t know when this started, but I know it’s a result my trying to learn the more dynamic release that is utilised by the pros.

After much reading and hours of video viewing, I learned that the pros do three relatively simple things that simplifies their game, increases their accuracy and increases their power at the pins:

  1. They keep their hand on the inside of the ball
  2. They keep their elbow close to their body
  3. They keep a slightly bent elbow in the downswing

Now, item three is really something that the power players use and is in fact a major source of their power, but I will explain that in more detail later.

Summer League: May 14th 2009

Week three of the Summer League ’09 at Fugate’s Bowl-a-rama in Hazard, KY was a good one, if I do say so myself. My team is by far and away the best team in the league.  We currently hold three of the top four averages (yes, I’m the fourth highest average), which doesn’t mean a whole lot, considering we’re only three weeks in to season, but its a great way to start.  Three weeks, three wins, all clean sweeps. It’s a great feeling knowing that I’m not dead weight as well. I might not be bowling 600’s, but I’m there and there abouts. I need to make a few simple adjustments to my game and I’ll be getting the 600’s before you know it.

Tornado warning!

Tonight at about 7.30pm EDT a storm warning came across the TV newscast. This storm warning was soon upgraded to a tornado warning. As it turns out, we were right in the path of a massive storm cell and it was coming straight for us!  They showed pressure maps on the news to show the intensity of the map in various places in the area and Browns Fork, the EXACT road we live on was right in the thick of the most intense part of the storm.

Summer League: May 7th 2009

So tonight was the second night of Summer League 2009, here in Hazard, KY.  Unfortunately, I forgot to grab the team scoresheet, so I don’t have the exact numbers of my team mates, but I can tell you that one of my team mates bowled a 759 scratch series, 783 handicap, which I suspect will be the high scratch and handicap series for the league.

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It’s been a year already…

Midday yesterday marked the anniversary of our arrival here in KY and what an eventful year its been. I’ve been through several contracts.  Some lucrative, some not so lucrative. My first child (hopefully not the last) was born. Our car has broken down a half dozen times, as well as a computer crapping out completely.

Bring on Summer League

Last night was the first night of Summer League, here in Hazard, KY. I was lucky enough to get recruited by two of the more consistent bowlers from the most recent Fall League.  These guys were members from the team that came in either first or second, I forget which. They both averaged over 200 for the season, so it’s safe to say they’re two of the better bowlers in the house. I also happen to be involved with these same guys in a league/tournament being run in Pikeville, KY, with two other guys, who also happen to be among the better bowlers in the house.  Anyway, I digress…