Month: November 2008

  • Thanksgiving

    Yesterday was Thanksgiving, or Turkey day as some are calling it, here in the good old, US of A. Thanksgiving, I believe, is a holiday that celebrates the harvest times of old, which, given that it is the middle of winter, would probably be a good thing back in the 1500’s, but I digress…

  • Web design

    I’ve been working in and around the web development industry since early 2001.  I was a Computer Science student at Waikato University, in Hamilton, New Zealand.  One day, a friend of mine, who happened to be a freelance web developer and designer asked me if I wanted to do a small PHP job for him.  He […]

  • The first snow

    So last night was the first snow fall over Hazard, KY.  It was kind surreal actually.  We went bowling at about 7pm, as is the norm for a Thursday night (178,167,177 for a 522 series. For anyone who cares) and it was barely dusting on the way over.  It was snowing enough that you could […]