Yesterday was Thanksgiving, or Turkey day as some are calling it, here in the good old, US of A. Thanksgiving, I believe, is a holiday that celebrates the harvest times of old, which, given that it is the middle of winter, would probably be a good thing back in the 1500’s, but I digress…

Web design

I’ve been working in and around the web development industry since early 2001.  I was a Computer Science student at Waikato University, in Hamilton, New Zealand.  One day, a friend of mine, who happened to be a freelance web developer and designer asked me if I wanted to do a small PHP job for him.  He… Continue reading Web design

The first snow

So last night was the first snow fall over Hazard, KY.  It was kind surreal actually.  We went bowling at about 7pm, as is the norm for a Thursday night (178,167,177 for a 522 series. For anyone who cares) and it was barely dusting on the way over.  It was snowing enough that you could… Continue reading The first snow

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