Personal Information

Address: 45 Browns Drive
Hazard, KY 41701

Phone: +1 (606) 439-5830 (Home)

Other Contacts

Skype: kellytehuna
AIM: kellytehuna

Personal Assessment

I am a hard working, quick learning individual that can work equally well in team environments and on my own. I have experience with several languages, though I’m most proficient with PHP in a commercial context. I am proficient with XHTML, CSS, Javascript and MySQL. I’m comfortable with the use of Ajax, JSON and XML, if required.

I have had experience with everything from ecommerce and credit card gateway integrations to small custom applications and form handling applications. I have experience with the MooTools and jQuery Javascript frameworks and CodeIgniter and Kohana for PHP. I also have experience with the Subversion (SVN) source-control system for collaborative development.

I have worked on a handful of Facebook applications, both FBML and IFrame based. I have also been involved in a handful of WordPress themes and integrations.

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