Within these pages, I hope you will find a lot of useful information, most of which I have collected from readings and discussions on other forums. These pages will primarily serve as a repository of notes for my own perusal. However, I am aware that other might find this information useful.

I will try to provide sources for as much of the information I present here as I can. Where no source is provided, it is likely that it is just my take on the topic and should therefore be taken with a grain of salt.

I am an active member on two bowling forums, which I will discuss in further detail below. –

This is a community that thrives on the more technical aspects of the sport of bowling.

The technical team is headed by one of the most prolific technical minds in the modern game, Mo Pinel. Mo is the Co-owner and president of MoRich Bowling Enterprises and is arguably the most knowledgeable man in the sport today.

Along with Mo, is his ball designer, Steve Freshour, ex-USBC technical researcher, Paul Ridenour and John Jameson, President and CEO of Innovative Bowling. Between them, these four men will have an answer for just about every technical question you could think of, be it about the effects of Layouts, surfaces or RG’s, you will find what you’re looking for here. –

This site, while containing a large number of members who are interested in the technical side of the sport, is a more casual site with a focus on sale and trade of bowling balls.

With Lane #1 as a major sponsor of the site, you will occasionally see Ritchie Sposato, the CEO and President of Lane #1 Bowling.

This is a great site to make friends and learn a little bit more about bowling. If you’re into Lane #1 gear, they even run a monthly questionnaire, giving you the opportunity to win a ball of your choice.

Other sites worth mentioning

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