Dealing with change

I am not a fan of change. Never have been. Never will be. The worst part about change is the uncertainty that comes with it. For reasons that need not be explained here, my childhood was fairly unstable. I believe I went something along the line of seven, or eight Primary Schools (Grade schools to you US natives). With each one, came a new set of friends. A new set of teachers. New surroundings.

It’s strange that change is one of the things I dislike the most, because life’s biggest constant is change. These last few years have been rife with change. I got married. I moved across the Pacific and indeed, the greater part of the continental US. I’ve become a father – for the second time now.

Change has never treated me well, but I’m learning to cope. Unfortunately, my coping mechanisms don’t always make me the best husband I could be. I tend to hole up and internalize everything. This leaves my wife with a hard, cold shell of a man with seemingly no emotional capacity what so ever. As the change becomes the norm, I begin to let go some and return to normalcy.

Change is the only constant in life – Unknown

Knowing this, I need to learn better coping mechanisms, make adjustments quicker and find a way to continue to learn and grow, as a man, as a husband and a father.

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