Abortion? Should it be our decision?

Yesterday, I found a video on my friend’s, sister’s Facebook page about a woman who was the intended victim of an abortion. At seven and a half months, her mother went to an abortion clinic, I believe, here in the US and was to have her pregnancy terminated via a saline abortion. While I don’t know the details of this method, I believe the end result is the child is burned in utero and the mother than gives birth to a still born baby a day or so later.

As fate would have it, this child was born. Even more incredible, she was sent to a hospital in time when standard practice was to murder babies born alive after attempted abortions, either by strangulation, suffocation or neglect. Could you imagine smothering a newborn? Could you imagine doing it on purpose?

This woman has Cerebral Palsy as a result of the attempted abortion. I believe one of the main reasons women were aborting at that time was due to fear of deformity and defects, not to mention the inconvenience of the pregnancy. Had the abortion not been attempted, she would most likely have been born with no problems what so ever.

Now, I’m not about to start a rant and tirade against all women who have had abortions. They have their reasons and I don’t know what those reasons are, so who am I to judge. But, I will say that in most cases, abortion is not NECESSARY. Abortion for convenience is tantamount to murder. The doctors who offer these services, and for a fee no less, are nothing more than contract killers. Hired hitmen. Their mark? Defenseless, unborn children.

Sure, there are cases where the woman was raped, or the woman is in fact a VERY young girl who made some bad decisions. However, there are other options that allow the woman to give birth to the child and not have anything to do with it after that. Surely it is better to give the child a chance at a life without you, than no chance at life at all?

Time and time and time again, we hear stories from women who have aborted a pregnancy having feelings of shame and guilt for doing so. Often times, these women go into a DEEP depression. Believe it or not, my heart bleeds for these women. Being a father, I could not imagine my wife even considering abortion. I could imagine not experiencing the joy of seeing my child born, watching her grow, take her first steps, speak her first words. I wouldn’t trade these moments in for the world.

Parenthood is what life is all about. Everything else is just noise. In a world where we place so much hope in the future of our children, what about those that don’t have a hope of even taking a breath? It truly is heart breaking.

So now, some 20+ years later, the woman who was intended to be just another murder victim sitting on a pile of murder victims is a vocal anti-abortionist travelling the world and telling her story. She is one of the very few success stories of abortion. One can only hope that her message finds its target.

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