Child abuse – WHY?

It’s not often that my writings are about anything other than bowling or web development. However, this is one of those writings where I just feel like I need to put forth my opinion.

Whilst checking my Facebook updates, I noticed a posting about a movie that was made in New Zealand called boy. So, I checked it out, which led me to an old class mate. There on her wall, right at the top was a video about a little boy in the UK. Along with the video, she had written beside it, in Maori:

“Arohaatu ki tenei anahera! Moe mai ra!”

Which roughly translates to:

“My love to this angel! Rest in peace!”

I watched the video. All I can say is I sat here through the entirety of the video thinking to myself “How could someone do this to a child? How could someone ALLOW this to be done to their child?” This poor child was quite literally tortured by his step father. Constant torture. He had finger nails pulled, he was bitten by step father in an attempt to teach his rottweilers how to attack. This poor child lived for a short 18 months, yet he experienced more pain and torture in that time than most of us would in a lifetime. He was removed from his mother’s care for a short time only to be put back in to the hands of his abusers, while they were out on bail FOR THE ABUSE! Some thing went HORRIBLY wrong here…

In the days before his death, this poor child had his back broken by his step father, leaving him paralysed. He was left untended and allowed to lay in his own excrement and urine. In his final moments, he was crying so his step father went to quiet the child. He did so with his fist! He struck the child so hard he swallowed one of his teeth, which was later found in his stomach.

The child was found in his dead in his cot after his mother called emergency services, absolutely covered in his own blood. It was discovered that he had several broken ribs, which had been that way for several days. All at the hands of his step father, while his mother stood by and did nothing. His MOTHER stood by and did NOTHING!


It seems like every other week we are watching stories on the news about children being abused. Why is nothing being done? Why are these people allowed to see the light of day, ever again? Who will protect these children when those that are mandated to do so, will not? Is there a point where the someone’s “rights” should be revoked? The fact that these people can continue to live while they so willfully and mercilessly inflict this kind of torture upon those that deserve nothing more than unflinching love and protection is nothing more than a TOTAL corruption and violation of justice and nature. I am not generally a proponent for the death penalty, but when I hear about stuff like this, I can’t help but wonder if perhaps the ONLY thing that would bring justice to this situation would be the death of those responsible.

I thank God that my mother was not like this. I thank God that my wife’s parents were not like this. Most of all, I thank God that my daughters parents are not like this. I know that my daughter will sleep safe tonight, protected by parents that love her and want nothing but the best they can afford to give her.

To my beautiful Lilyana: You are by greatest gift I have ever received! You are loved. You are wanted. You are cherished. I love you more than you can ever know!

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