Thursday League: 2009 Complete

This past Thursday marked the end of the ’08/’09 Season. I just missed my 180 average goal by a fraction of a pin, which was a little disappointing, but I’m very happy with the milestones I did manage to bag this season. I’ve only been bowling competitively for about 8 months, but in that time I’ve bowled a bunch of mid 200 games, a handful of 600 series and a 700 series.  The only thing that would have topped the season off for me would have been to finish with a 180 average.I think its safe to say I’ve turned a few heads at the center, which makes me feel good about my progress. There have been a bunch of disappointments, and a number of things I can see I need to work on. I think this season I bowled everything from a low 400 series all the way up to a low 700 series.

What happens over the summer? I work on my footwork, my release, ball speed and accuracy. A few of the guys at the center have asked me to bowl with them in a tournament in Pikeville, KY, which is about 90 minutes drive from here. I’m really keen to bowl with them, and having bowled at Pikeville once before, I’m eager to get some new equipment and get accustomed to the line you have to bowl there.

Having only bowled at Fugate’s, here in Hazard, I’ve become accustomed to just rocketing the ball hard down the lane, making sure it gets out to 5, where the boards get really dry and let the ball jump off the breakpoint. At Pikeville, you have to be a little more accurate and have a lot more control over your ball speed. If nothing else, bowling at Pikeville will teach me how to control my game a whole lot more. I’ve been considering maybe getting my hands on some entry level equipment, and practising with that ball for the simple fact that you have to be WAY more accurate with entry level gear than you do with performance gear.

I’m looking forward to really learning this sport and getting started next season. The goal for the summer league is to finish with at least a 190 average and hopefully have our team win the season.  Bring it on!

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