CSS Hacks

Recently, I read a blog posted by an old workmate in New Zealand about CSS Hacks.  More specifically, it dealt with CSS rendering differences between IE7, IE6 and browsers that actually render CSS correctly (ie. Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome… to name a big ones).

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Recent developments

Recently Jennifer and I have been really trying to step out and find a place of our own.  This is a little nerve racking because we barely make enough money to cover what little financial responsibilities we have.  The thought of adding another $350 a month (minimum) is a little intimidating.  Having said that, we… Continue reading Recent developments

It’s tax time! YAY!

So, it’s tax time here in the US. Unfortunately, having never had to submit any kind of tax… erm… stuff before, I hadn’t given it much thought and actually had pretty much forgotten about it, even with my wife’s constant reminders that I need to call Keith (her dad’s accountant) and make an appointment to… Continue reading It’s tax time! YAY!