Thursday League: February 19th, 2009

Okay.  So tonight I managed a 598 (202,216,180), just two pins short of the ever elusive 600 on Thursday night.  This is encouraging to me as it came off the back of a 627 on Sunday night, which tells me I’m starting to get the new release down.So in warm up, I threw my Arch Rival on the left lane, and my Twisted Fury on the right lane.  After watching the reaction from both balls, I decided that the Twisted Fury was the ball to go with.  The Arch Rival was coming in very high of off the line and tempo that felt natural  to me.  The Twisted Fury was pushing well through the heads, right out to the breakpoint (about the four board) then making a nice break toward the pocket.

So my first game was a good way to open the night.  It allowed me to settle in to a natural rhythm on the approach, which really allowed me to focus on a strong release.  I was standing on the 15 board and targeting the eight board with my eyes.  I probably hit that mark about 70% of the time, but thankfully, the shot at Fugate’s is fairly forgiving.  I ended the game with a four bagger to finish with a 202.

Second game.  This game was just more of the first game really.  I was struggling a little to keep the ball on target, but I was still managing to strike.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t string them together.  Like the first game, I finished on a four bagger to finish with a 216.

The third game started well, opened with a double and a spare.  Unfortunately, I followed that up with a 7-10 split, which was followed up two frames later by another one, which was followed immediately by a miss on a simple 6-10 leave!   Thankfully, I got my arse into to gear for the last three games to round out the night with a 180.

Hopefully, the latest form will continue until the end of the season.  I think we have the roll off for Thursday league in about 6 weeks, while the roll off for the Sunday league will be in about 3 weeks.  Hopefully we get to bowl them both.  Sunday night is not looking likely, though.  We’ll see what happens.

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