Month: January 2009

  • Changing ball reaction

    These past few weeks, I’ve spent a lot of time reading online, trying to find the best and most efficient means of getting the reactions you’re looking for out of the equipment you already have. Most of the literature I’ve come across has told me the best ways to change the reaction you get out […]

  • My bowling ball arsenal

    I now have a basic three ball arsenal.  I have a Columbia-300 Arch Rival, a Brunswick Twisted Fury and a Columbia 300 White Dot for right hand spares, all weighing 15lbs.

  • Wasted effort, wasted time…

    Well, this past week has been by far the most frustrating week, since moving to the US.  The irony is, these frustrations were caused by some guy in the UK! Last week, I made contact with a prospective contract to do some work for him.  The original scope for the work was to markup and […]