Lilyana and the Emergency Room

Okay, before anybody gets too worked, let me explain the title a little.  For the past three days, Lily has been running a fever. However, she had maintained a steady temperature of around 101° F (38° C). At about 6pm last night, after waking from an afternoon nap, we took her temperature and discovered that her temperature was now at a rather scary 103.5° F (40° C). Apparently, once the temperature starts get up to around 104° F – 105° F (40° C – 41° F), you’re getting in to seizure territory, which is dangerous enough for adults. When you start talking about infants having seizures, you’re talking serious risk of permanent brain damage. So we naturally made a couple of phone calls to Jaime, Jennifer’s sister,  Cindy, Jennifer’s mother (and a Registered Nurse at Appalachian Regional Healthcare (ARH) Hospital) and Alison, Jennifer’s best friend (and the local WIC co-ordinator at the Health Department).  After hearing pretty much the same thing from all three of them (“Take her to the Emergency Room! She might have Swine Flu!”), we bundled up our ailing daughter and drove straight to the ARH Hospital Emergency Room.

Lilyana… She’s a growing!!!

I can’t believe its been almost nine months since Lilyana was born. She’s growing up so quickly. She’s started crawling, she’s eating solids, she’s starting to vocalise a whole lot more. Her personality is really starting to form and at the moment, it’s looking like the apple has not fallen far from tree, either one of them!

I’m ba-ack

Well, after a few months of being down in the duldrums that is expired domains, I’ve finally got my ass into gear and brought my domain back to life.  It’s funny, after months of neglect and inattention, my domain goes in to redemption and suddenly I give a shit.  Weird huh?