Meaningful interactions between competing world views

In today’s multimedia, highly connected, global community we are all too aware of a number of competing world views. At their core’s, they are almost all founded upon some kind of religious pretext. Christianity. Hinduism. Islam. Judaism. Each of these religions offer a completely different view of the world we live in and each offers a completely different context to almost every aspect of life. So, the question becomes, is it truly possible to have meaningful conversations and interactions between these competing world views?

Bulgaria’s Abandoned Children

Those who know me would probably tell you I’m not exactly a humanitarian. I rarely look past the issues and thoughts of my own life and family, so the plight of others will often fall on deaf ears.

However, there is one specific subset of humanitarianism that weighs heavy on my heart and that is neglected and abandoned children. Without exception, if I hear of a case of child neglect, abuse or abandonment, I am brought to tears.

Abortion? Should it be our decision?

Yesterday, I found a video on my friend’s, sister’s Facebook page about a woman who was the intended victim of an abortion. At seven and a half months, her mother went to an abortion clinic, I believe, here in the US and was to have her pregnancy terminated via a saline abortion. While I don’t know the details of this method, I believe the end result is the child is burned in utero and the mother than gives birth to a still born baby a day or so later.

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Child abuse – WHY?

It’s not often that my writings are about anything other than bowling or web development. However, this is one of those writings where I just feel like I need to put forth my opinion.

Whilst checking my Facebook updates, I noticed a posting about a movie that was made in New Zealand called boy. So, I checked it out, which led me to an old class mate. There on her wall, right at the top was a video about a little boy in the UK. Along with the video, she had written beside it, in Maori:

“Arohaatu ki tenei anahera! Moe mai ra!”

Which roughly translates to:

“My love to this angel! Rest in peace!”