Contentment and Release

For some time now, I’ve been what many of “the faith” would call a back slider – one who was once a believer and follower of Christ who has chosen to deviate from the path of righteousness and salvation.

Almost eight years have passed since I was an active member of the Church and I find myself longing again for that sense of belonging, though I know I will not find it. I never truly found it in the Church.

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The bittersweet comfort of reminiscence…

I used to walk my own way to school.
Kicking at the stones and feeling strong.
That was when the world seemed my own.
Didn’t have to fear the unknown!

Now my life is changing so much.
I’m wondering if I’m losing my hold,
Of things that seemed so real they bit.
Now I’m so afraid I might slip

Completely without a clue
Trying to find my way back to you
Desperately gasping for air
Submerged in this chaos
You will be there

Categorized as Rantings