Month: March 2012

  • This is my vow

    I promise to love you, honour you and protect you for rest of my life.¬†You are the missing piece to my puzzle. Without you I’m incomplete. I offer you this ring as a token of my love and a symbol of our commitment to each other – Forever and unending.

  • Kony 2012 and the Invisible Children

    For the last few days I’ve seen mention of Kony 2012 on Facebook and Youtube. Not knowing what it was, I finally got around to watching the video and what I saw now has me enraged.

  • Extreme Bias in the Media

    For some time now, my wife has been following the GOP primary with some interest. You see, she’s an avid Ron Paul supporter. I tend to be a little more apolitical most of the time, but over these last few months I’ve been somewhat forced to take notice of what is going on.

  • Sometimes you need to stretch out

    There are moments in life that REALLY stretch you. Sometimes those moments are personal, such as a rough patch in your significant partnership, or an illness in the family, or even yourself. Sometimes those moments are sports related, such as an injury in the middle of a big game, or a slump in performance.