What a weekend…

This past weekend has arguably been the worst weekend of my life! LOL! We had planned to travel to Newport, KY for a coaching clinic up there. While we were there we intended to buy a new ball for Jennifer and fix a couple of my balls.

The clinic was on Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th of June. As it turned out, our nephew, Matthew, had his 8th grade graduation in Richmond which is about an hour and 20 south of Newport. So, we decided we would head up for that and stay with Jennifer’s sister, Jaime, for the night and head out early in the morning for Newport. It sounded like a solid plan. Little did we know…

So, despite our best efforts, we didn’t get out of Hazard until 5pm. Matthew’s graduation started at 6pm. We got into to Richmond at about 7.30pm and called Jaime. She informed us that the graduation ceremony was over and said we could just meet them at O’Charley’s and we could have dinner. We had a great dinner with Jaime and her kids. We had both our little girls with us, so it was a family affair for the night.

So I decided that after dinner I would like to bowl some, so got Jennifer to drop me off at Galaxy Bowling Center, which is just 10 minutes from Jaime’s house. I left the mobile with Jennifer since she had the kids with her, got my gear out of the car and and when inside.

As it turned out, it was $10 all you can bowl. I got there at about 9pm and proceeded to bowl 6 games. Here is where the weekend started to take a turn for the worse! LOL!

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