Myrtle Beach, SC

For the first time in a number of years, I took a REAL vacation. Jaime, Jennifer’s sister, and her family (Stevie, Christopher, Matthew, Hayley and Emily) had booked themselves in for a vacation to Myrtle Beach, SC. Cindy, Jennifer’s mum, and her husband, Greg, had decided to go as well and wanted Lilyana to go as well so she could experience the beach for the first time. So, naturally, if she wanted Lily to go – we got to go too! YAY!

Immigration Proceedings – Part II

It’s official! I am a US Permanent Resident!

For those not in the know, I had what was known as Conditional Permanent Residence status. The conditional part was due to being married to Jennifer for less than 2 years BEFORE we migrated to the US. The conditions of the my residency were that I was to remain married to Jennifer for two years and share in the responsibilities of the household in that time, to prove that our marriage was real and that I was not going to be a drain on the US resources. Obviously, proving our marriage was important to show that I didn’t want to just gain residency or citizenship, then cut and run!