What a world we live in…

I was flipping through some channels tonight and stumbled across a show I’d been wanting to watch for a little while. The show is called Penn & Teller’s Bulls***. From watching that one show, it would appear they dissect issues that most of us seem to overlook but are actually crucial issues to our daily lives. Tonight’s episode was – Food.

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Immigration proceedings and Parkersburg,WV!

Okay, so I recently received a “Notice of Action” from the USCIS informing me that was required to travel to Charleston, WV for “biometrics” appointment on Thursday, June 3, 2010. What’s a biometrics appointment? In a nutshell, it’s a finger print and mug shot. LOL! I was asked countless times why I couldn’t have done that at the local sheriff’s office. Basically, I had to have an official USCIS Officer/worker there to take the details. As you can imagine, there are many thousands of people doing exactly what I’m doing here in the US. I would be a logistical nightmare to manage all those people if they just went to their local sheriff’s office to get their biometric information taken. It just easier, for them at least, if they have offices located throughout the country and have people travel to the locations, rather than sending official workers to the applicants.