Newport, KY and Mo Pinel

Okay, so just a week or so ago, I blogged about my itinerary for the upcoming month. Well, yesterday being my birthday, we made the trip up to Newport, KY. After getting quite a late night trying to get some last minute work out of the way before we left, we were up at 7am… Continue reading Newport, KY and Mo Pinel

Fugate’s In-house Handicap Tournament

Tonight was the teams night for the in-house tournament at Fugate’s. I didn’t actually have a team organized for the night, but I had to be over there anyway, seeing as I’m the lane guy at the moment. So, I hauled my ass over there and got 16 lanes ready. I figured we’d probably need… Continue reading Fugate’s In-house Handicap Tournament

Bring on March!

Okay, so March is already here. Sue me! 😛 This month will prove to be a rather busy one for me. This month I turn 30, I have to submit my application the United States Citizen and Immigration Service (USCIS) to have the conditional status removed from my Permanent Residence Visa, I will travelling to… Continue reading Bring on March!