First 600 of the season

It’s taken me 14 weeks of league, but I FINALLY broke the 600 mark! I finished the night with a 634, which seems to about where I tend to finish if I bowl 600’s.  Weird.

So I started the night with my Twisted Fury, shooting 10 and 5 and standing on 20, making my lay down about 15.  In plain english, I was standing on the big dot in the middle on the approach which is board 20, aiming at the second arrow on the lane, which is board 10 from the right gutter, wanting the ball to get out to about the first arrow, which is board 5, at the end of the pattern and laying the ball down on the floor at about board 15, which is the third arrow on the floor.

It always the simplest thing!

I’ve been trying for MONTHS to get the very excellent XDebug PHP extension, written and maintained the PHP Jedi Master, Derick Rethans. XDebug offers some serious debugging capabilities to PHP that are second to none. It also offers some excellent profiling tools, which I should really make better use of in development. It’s easy to see why I was so desperate to get it working.