How to destroy a game in four frames…

Last night, we bowled in our regular Sunday League trio. Earlier that night, I had stripped and oiled the lanes, and bowled a couple of ¬†practice games. The practice games went well. I threw something like 6 in a row in my first one, so I knew I had a good line and good ball to match¬†up on the lanes. It turns out, I’ve had that ball since I first started bowling, I just didn’t know it was the right ball. With all the extra revs and power I’ve picked up over the last year, what was once a ball that skidded to far is now the best ball in my arsenal. At least at Fugate’s. Go figure.

On to league play…

Thanksgiving Tournament at Fugate’s

This Thanksgiving, we held a No-Tap tournament at Fugate’s Bowl-a-rama. This comes less than a week after the passing of Fred Fugate, the owner and proprietor of the Bowling center. It was hard to really get motivated to work on the lanes, knowing that Fred wouldn’t be there and that he had buried just 4 days before.

A virtualized development environment

For quite sometime now, I’ve been developing all the projects I’ve been working on directly on my machine. This is handy for a number of reasons, the most important of those reasons being that I don’t have to be online while I’m working and I don’t have to upload to any servers.