Month: September 2009

  • Latest updates: Job and home

    This month has been a rather eventful month, to say the least. Having said that, the last five or six days (Saturday, 26 September – Wednesday, 30 September) have made up the bulk of said “events.”

  • Lilyana and the Emergency Room

    Okay, before anybody gets too worked, let me explain the title a little.  For the past three days, Lily has been running a fever. However, she had maintained a steady temperature of around 101° F (38° C). At about 6pm last night, after waking from an afternoon nap, we took her temperature and discovered that […]

  • New bowling gear

    As mentioned in a previous blog, my wife and I recently purchased and fitted some a couple of new bowling balls. My wife got a 14lb Hammer Jigsaw, which is the latest ball from Hammer. Meanwhile, I purchased a 15lb Brunswick Siege, the latest ball from Brunswick. We were gonna take our balls to the […]

  • From the mouths of babes

    It’s funny that we often laugh at the things children say. We laugh because a lot of the time, the things children say are either way out of context or are just plain hilarious. Listening to a child explain the wonders of Christmas to us, or even having them explaining the meaning of life can […]

  • And the world keeps rolling on…

    Well, much has happened in the last month. I have completed my 4 – 6 week contract with Frontier Nursing Services (FNS) and have just been offered another 250 hours of work. That is going to keep the coffers well stocked for the next couple of months, at least. On top of that, a friend […]