New work possibilities

Well, in the last week things have changed a little as far as work prospects go. Last Sunday, I went bowling and for the first time in a long time, the owner, Fred, was working the counter.  What’s more, Jennifer had dropped me off to go and get in the tanning bed for a little while, which meant I was there by myself to bowl for an hour, after which I would just wait until Jennifer came back from the tanning salon.

CSS Hacks

Recently, I read a blog posted by an old workmate in New Zealand about CSS Hacks.  More specifically, it dealt with CSS rendering differences between IE7, IE6 and browsers that actually render CSS correctly (ie. Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome… to name a big ones).

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Recent developments

Recently Jennifer and I have been really trying to step out and find a place of our own.  This is a little nerve racking because we barely make enough money to cover what little financial responsibilities we have.  The thought of adding another $350 a month (minimum) is a little intimidating.  Having said that, we know we need to do it.  We’ve been married for 20 months and have yet to live on our own.

It’s tax time! YAY!

So, it’s tax time here in the US. Unfortunately, having never had to submit any kind of tax… erm… stuff before, I hadn’t given it much thought and actually had pretty much forgotten about it, even with my wife’s constant reminders that I need to call Keith (her dad’s accountant) and make an appointment to get this all sorted.

Thursday League: 2009 Complete

This past Thursday marked the end of the ’08/’09 Season. I just missed my 180 average goal by a fraction of a pin, which was a little disappointing, but I’m very happy with the milestones I did manage to bag this season. I’ve only been bowling competitively for about 8 months, but in that time I’ve bowled a bunch of mid 200 games, a handful of 600 series and a 700 series.  The only thing that would have topped the season off for me would have been to finish with a 180 average.

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Thursday League: April 2, 2009

This was the last night of our Thursday night league (except for the roll off, which is this coming Thursday, April 9). I had worked out that I needed to bowl a 634 to finish out the season with a 180 average over 84 games.  This had been my goal at the start of the season and one which I had thought was completely out of reach just eight weeks ago. Some how, everything just seemed to come together as the season began to wind down and I managed to bowl five 600’s and a 700, which went a long way towards raising my average, since it was only in the late 160’s, with the 700 adding about 2.5 pins!

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