Sunday League: February 1st, 2009

Tonight got off to a good start.  I managed to bowl a 522 series, which isn’t bad.  It’s still a 173 average, but I would like to be bowling closer to 185 – 190.  I guess I can’t complain too much, seeing as this is my first season and all.

During warm up, I noticed my Twisted Fury was cutting back really hard on the backend and going high on the left lane and finding the pocket pretty well on the right lane.  So I decided to use my Twisted Fury on the right lane and the Arch Rival on the left.  I had the fingers and thumb on my White Dot fine tuned tonight so it fit my hand a little nicer and I used it to good effect tonight.  I think I converted about 70% of my spares, including a 2,4,10 split, so with a little more practise, I think I might be able to get that statistic pretty close to 100%.

Okay.  So my first game was pretty good.  I threw an open frame to start (not so good) but keep a pretty clean sheet from there to squeeze out a 203 by striking out in the 10th.  After that game, I was feeling pretty good about the night since I usually start the night with a mid 150 game.  My second game was far below that for a miserable 146.  This game had splits all over the place, including a 6, 7, 9 ,10, a 4,6,7,10 and a 6,7,10… only some of the most difficult splits to convert in the entire game.  My third game was a much more respectable 183, to round the night out.

Tonight made me realize that I need to work on consistency in my targeting and release.  I threw a couple of balls in the gutter after a couple of strikes, which is something I’ve been struggling for the past couple of months. I’ve been experimenting with my releases a little lately, which might explain why I might not be making the best shots as often as I could, but I think I’m getting the release down so hopefully those problems will disappear.

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